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Add personal weather stations (PWS) similar to Wunderground. Add different radar locations

There are more than 8000 PWS in the US uploading info to NOAA. Allow users to tap into those more localized areas.

Enable multiple radar locations which will allow animation.

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    Mark Agerton shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • russ commented  · 

        I agree with most of the commenters here. Adding personal weather stations would be a great addition to this site. If data quality is an issue, you might consider limiting participating stations to those that participate in the Citizen Weather Observation Program (CWOP). CWOP station data quality is constantly monitored. See the CWOP page for my station (DW8343) for example at

        Mesowest also does quality checks on personal weather station data. See e.g., my Mesowest page at


      • lewesweather commented  · 

        Adding personal weather stations would be good BUT it is very important that the data and the weather station is accurate!
        My own weather station (Davis Vantage pro) is good for temp, humidity and rainfall but wind speed and direction data is misleading because of surrounding vegetation. I can verify this by checking other weather stations in the region.
        In the same district as me are two other weather stations and their temperature data is way out yet their wind data is more accurate than mine.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Thanks for an excellent site!!

      • Bob commented  · 

        I also would like the ability to add a personal weather station. I think the user should be able to turn the option on or off and I think pulling the weatherundeground data makes sense.

        Yes, I have a personal weather station (Davis Vantage Pro II) and its webpage is:


        Oh, I really like WeatherSpark.


        Bill Hogsett
        Cleveland, OH

      • Mike commented  · 

        Amazing site.

        In my opinion, one of the biggest flaws to this site is the limited amount of weather stations it maps to. In Colorado, the nearest weather station may be in a completely different climate than the area I'm looking at.

      • Drew commented  · 

        I think this would be a good idea too, but be careful. No offense to some who may have home weather stations out there, but some station are very poorly located or not well maintained. I'd at least like the option of turning these other weather stations on or off, similar to what mesowest.utah.edu does.

      • Roger commented  · 

        Here's another vote for PWS. Another pilot who likes to have a quick gauge of what to expect on a layover.

        Thx. Great site.

      • Tom commented  · 

        My 1st/last frost for gardening is different from the airport and it determines planting times.

      • andrew commented  · 

        API for use with personal weather station called Weather Display (www.weather-display.com).
        Program already uploads to wunderground and others.

      • truckirwin commented  · 

        All my votes in on this one... I am a pilot and this is BIG for me. PWS Please!

      • Mark Agerton commented  · 


        Many thanks.....I understand the complexity of this task. Please feel free to use my station as a test once you start working the issue. I should be able to assist you if needed.

      • rbbiggs commented  · 

        Was going to say, easier said than done. Not only monitor the quality of the sensors, but placement of them too.

      • AdminJacob N (Founder, WeatherSpark) commented  · 

        Yeah, we definitely need to add it, we've had a number of very fruitful internal discussions about how to do it, both from a technical perspective (getting the backend to handle it) and from a user/data quality perspective.

        This is high on our list, but will take a while to get implemented - it's not just flipping a switch to make it happen.

      • Mark Agerton commented  · 


        I understand the desire to have quality data. It may be worthwhile investigating http://www.wxqa.com/. They are dealing with the same issue....and sure some stations have issues periodically but many station owners take the hobby serious. At CWOP there is a mechanism in place that monitors the quality of the sensors and if they fall out of range it provides warning to the system owner that something is wrong with a sensor.

      • OCL commented  · 

        There will be some challanges to implement PWS, but I'm shure its possible. Make it a users choice. In my area on the northwest coast of Norway, the yearly average precipitation at Vigra airport ENAL is about 1300 mm and at Brusdal about 20 km away about 2150 mm. Thats offical data. Due to fjords and high mountains the temperature difference may be 10 to 15 deg C over relativly short distances (20 - 30 km). At Vigra at the coast there may be winds at 20 m/s ++ and at same time almost no wind in the fjords.
        The weather at Vigra will be at no interest for people in the fjords, but closest PWS might be.
        If you want Weatherspark to be of interest in our part of the world PWS is a must.

      • AdminJacob N (Founder, WeatherSpark) commented  · 

        PWS data is something we've had a number of internal discussions about. There are some technical challenges (ingesting >4x the amount of data changes things on the backend a bit), but the concerns are primarily with accuracy, reliability, and the data series actually available from these stations (i.e. typically no cloud or precipitation type data, precipitation amount can be wonky or unavailable).

        Having looked at these stations it seems like a lot of them are either poorly installed, poorly calibrated or just plain old unreliable, resulting in bogus values being reported. So the tradeoff then is between a comparatively very reliable station that is further away, or one that may be bogus and lacks a lot of the information (depending on what you're looking for), but is closer.

        Now, most people voting on this feature would presumably answer "closer", but it's not that clear cut when you get into the details of it. We definitely want to add more stations, but we also want to provide you with a reliable service.

        Sorry for the wishy-washy answer, but things are never quite as easy as one might hope.

      • Mikel Culbertson commented  · 

        I would love to send my PWS to you! That would be great! you are already my start page.

      • truckirwin commented  · 

        putting my last two votes to this suggestion. should drive much finer reporting and conditions - particularly wind stats.

      • wea5 commented  · 

        I have a private station and would like to get involved!

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