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Create an iPhone/iPad app that does the same things as the website.

Being able to see historical weather info is really valuable but there are very few places to get this info. To have the interactivity and history in your pocket would be awesome!!

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    Noblesongster shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • steve commented  · 

        I've spent $30-$50 on weather apps alone. Looking for the real solution.

      • PM commented  · 

        In this day and age how could your tech dpt "not have" the best weather data for an iPad??

        Please, it would be great and a must for followers!

      • Ryan Roga commented  · 

        There are dozens and dozens of weather apps out there. I wouldn't pay more than 99c for an ad-free app version of your website. Like not even a penny more.

      • Jaduardo commented  · 

        I knew a girl like you once, weatherspark. Beautiful to look at. Smart too. The kind of girl that made you smarter; that helped you make better decisions.

        All the guys wanted to date her --- the android guys, the iphone guys -- they all asked. Some even begged. She never said yes. Then again, she never said no. She was just there, an aggravating enigma that continued to tempt us all with her sultry allure.

        Those are the worst girls of all.

      • Greg commented  · 

        I highly recommend that the app be free and that any monetization occur through in-app charges for certain features. Given that the overwhelming majority of your competition (Weather.com, Weather Underground, WeatherBug, etc.) offers at least a free version and a pro version, you won't gain much traction if users have to fork over cash immediately in order to use the app at all. For example, given that one of your main distinctions from competitors is the focus on and interface for historical weather data, that should be visible to all users. Make the free version able to view, say, the previous 3 days of historical weather data, with the rest available as a paid upgrade. Similar distinctions between free and paid for other features, while keeping in mind what the competition offers for free, would create a compelling reason to upgrade while allowing the user to experience (and perhaps become addicted to) the features available. I personally would be interested in a one-time upgrade fee, but a subscription wouldn't interest me.

      • quinncom commented  · 

        I'd pay $10 for an iphone app.
        And please avoid being US-centric; those of us who travel often would like to always have access to worldwide weather data. Thanks!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Don't forget Blackberry - we business types with outdoor operations need weather information too, and we don't use iToys.

      • metavida commented  · 

        As an intermittent step, could you at least add an Apple webpage icon to you webpage? I've added WeatherSpark to my iPhone's home screen, but without an icon it's really quite ugly.

        Here are Apple's instructions: http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#DOCUMENTATION/AppleApplications/Reference/SafariWebContent/ConfiguringWebApplications/ConfiguringWebApplications.html

        And here's a quick icon I threw together that might just fit the bill: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/422012/permanent/touch-icon-iphonehd.png

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Total agreement on the iPhone/iPad app concept. While I really dislike annual or monthly fees (I know they generate a steady revenue stream...) I would be willing to pay even $10.00 as a single time payment. That's saying a lot considering the number of free and almost free weather apps out there. Excellent job WeatherSpark!

      • Jeff Mills commented  · 

        Agree with dacker's comment below that a move from Flash to HTML5 would suit the bill, but I for one would pay for an app. Outstanding work on this.

      • sylvia chan commented  · 

        love to have this apps on my iphone and ipad

      • JP commented  · 

        fantastic tool, would love to see it on the ipad and would then be happy to pay for it

      • dacker commented  · 

        I'd love to see WeatherSpark on my iPad and would gladly pay a modest fee.

        I don't know how useful it would be on the small screen of an iPhone but the iPad has plenty of space to fully appreciate WeatherSpark.

        Perhaps the best option might be to port it from Flash to HTML5 and be done with it for all platforms?

      • Ronald G Cosseboom commented  · 

        iPhones and iPads are the largest selling smart devices around; this would be a good move both strategically and monetarily!

      • JR commented  · 

        This is a great weather site and well qualified to become an iPad app.


      • Dave commented  · 

        Please do

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